• Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come

    Victor Hugo

  • We can be right or we can be happy

    A Course in Miracles

  • If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with others

    African proverb

  • No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it

    Albert Einstein

  • It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness

    Chinese proverb

Who am I?

“Love expert, coaching specialist, skilled trainer” Clara Hardaut, my little girl at her 6


I ponder over this question daily. I have not pretended to find out the answer yet, but for sure I still need to think it over even more. My children call me “mum”, my husband calls me “puiu”, my clients “coach”, my friends Judit. Beside the names and roles, my intuition tells me I am another ”face” of the people whom I meet in my life daily, maybe a mirror, and for sure an energy at the right time and place.

Everyone has his/her gift. I am repeating myself, I do not know yet exactly who I am, but I know exactly which is my gift: the ability to strike a moment of honesty within myself and people around me without judging, in order to become more aware, more responsible and more authentic. And I fulfill my gift through coaching.

What I also know is that I start enjoying life, nature, God and I am in peace, because I have everything I want in my life, miraculous meeting, peace in my soul and room for knowledge and revealing awareness. And more than everything, two wonderful children which help me to increase my standard of coaching and by their side I found out two important aspects of my life: unconditional love and pure gratitude.


I am grateful to some wonderful people and training companies which coached and trained me, which inspired me in different context of my human and professional life:

–  Peter Szabo and Daniel Meier – SolutionSurfers Hungary – Solution Focus Masterclass, Coach Specific Training Program – International Coach Federation (ICF) – Budapest, Sept 2014
–  Sir John Whitmore, Alison Sheridan and Jon Williams – Performance Consultants International – UK, Coaching for Performance Diploma – Level 2 – London, May 2012- July 2012
–  Sir John Whitmore – Performance Consultants International – UK, Executive Coach Diploma – Level 1 – Bucharest, Nov 2010-Febr 2011
–  Gerard O’Donovan – Noble Manhattan Coaching – UK, Practitioner Coach Diploma – IIC (International Institut of Coaching) accredited program, Predeal, June 2010
–  John Parr (PTSTA), Anne de Graaf (TSTA) – training and supervision in Transactional Analysis – Organizational Development field, more than 1500 training hours, Romania, 2002-2010

I thank them for the guidance in obtaining the International Coach Federation certification, in June 2014, as Associate Certified Coach.

My Approach

For me every coaching session, as a group or individual, is a meeting. A fascinating meeting in the client’s world, where his/her needs, his system of value, his/her possible skills and abandoned fears become natural. A process where identifying ways of proceeding is much healthier than explaining problems. An honest and unbiased trip deepen in client’s iceberg in order to facilitate sustained desired changes.

I want to be involved in coaching. To be there exploring people, organizations and society’s deep changes. To be present in a dance, where emotional, cognitive and spiritual intelligence lead to responsible actions.

I am often told that I am not a comfortable coach; I do not intend to be one. What matters most is reaching client’s goal, which inspires to harmonize his personal life, his profession or his business. In order to do that, if necessary to reflect non-verbal gestures, to get access to hidden treasure or to project miracles in the future, I gladly facilitate it. I do it dearly, with power, protection and consent.

In this way, coaching often becomes a meditation. A meditation of performance, changes and excellence.

For further information about the Ethic Code I conform to:



10 years experience (2005 until present) in consulting program of people, team and organizations development, via training and coaching where:

  • Over 1000 hours of workshop in soft skills, leadership, assertive communication, self management, conflict management and so on, with specialists, supervisors, middle and top management.
  • Over 750 hours of individual coaching,
  • Over 200 hours of team coaching

4 years experience (2001-2005) in two multinational companies in the human resource department.

Guest Lecturer for “Organizational Coaching” subject, delivered via Organizational Psychology Master, at West University of Timisoara 2001.


Some of my clients in the last years

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What clients say?

“As Sir John Whitmore wrote in his book: “Coaching for performance”, self confidence, self motivation, clarity, commitments, awareness, responsibility and actions are all products of coaching. Judit helped me to structure them in such a way that deadlines are not “burdens” any more, just short term objectives which help me reach my long term tasks. Strategy and planning replace the time used for current operation problems. I am thanking her and warmly recommend her to all the managers who want to change these.” Mona Marchis-Finance& IS Manager Frigoglass

“Collaborating with Judit, our company gained profound and high quality development programs, which were tailored on our identified needs.Her programs are structured in order to facilitate the focus on target groups and also on individuals. As a trainer, Judit is an expert, being an open, warm, flexible person, who provides a safe space and also a learning challenge for all the participants.” Mihaela Rotar, Training, Recruitment & Personnel Care Manager, Leoni Arad

About coaching

What is professional coaching? What is a program of coaching? How is a coaching session? What to expect after a program of coaching? What are the main and common reasons I should apply for coaching? They are obvious questions for those who have never been to a coaching session no matter in an organizational or private environment.

My previous intention was to carry out a paper about FAQ and answer to his requirements of knowledge, so that you will have available in long/comprehensible page all the answers. And I caught myself doing my best to find the perfect definitions, to express the most attractive benefits and… I stopped. I realized I would be redundant. So I decided to attach a link, where are all the answers to this questions on the official page of International Coach Federation, where I am a certified and accredited member.


I invite you all that instead of enquiry, let’s meet face to face or let’s talk on the phone or via skype, to introduce each other and discover together the meaning of coaching.



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